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Hey everyone!

In my last post, I mentioned how I haven’t been reading much by my standards, instead focusing my energy on other things. So the natural follow up seemed to be a post discussing those other things.

One. Finances

At the beginning of 2017, I decided I wanted to give budgeting a go in order to keep better track of my finances. I also wanted to save a substantial amount of my income in order to eventually make home improvements. I was inspired after this video by Rincey Reads and actually used the spreadsheet mentioned in this video for the first couple months of the year until I switched to Mint, which I am still using today. I love it because it connects with my bank account, my credit cards, my 401(k), etc. While I still don’t think I have 100% mastered budgeting, I have a much better sense of how much I am spending each month, which has motivated me to cut back on the amount of eating out I do and the amount of fancy coffees I buy, something I had previously struggled to do. This has also led me into researching other financial ideas I would like to look into to diversify my portfolio, such as an IRA or investing. Being who I am, I’ve also gotten really interested in the world of financial blogs. My favorites are The Financial Diet (I also love their YouTube channel) and Broke Millennial. Also, the Bad with Money podcast is fantastic if that’s more your thing. While I certainly don’t think there is any one-size-fits-all advice when it comes to money, I do like reading about others’ experiences and opinions.

Two. Pokemon

If you know me or if you follow me on Twitter, you know I am big into Pokemon and just a couple years ago, I got into the competitive scene. While I am still by no means good, I have taken this season as an opportunity to try to get good. That means a lot of practice time. Even though the competitive part of Pokemon can be kinda stressful, it’s still more of a fun thing for me than anything.

Three, Working out and eating healthy. 

This sounds like a New Year’s Resolution but it wasn’t. Or rather, it was a soft New Year’s Resolution. Since August of last year, I’ve been on a slow journey to eating better and exercising regularly. While both those things fell by the wayside during the holidays, I’ve attempted to bring them back the first third of the year. And it’s honestly one of those things where some weeks I do better than others. I don’t have any particular benchmarks in terms of eating healthy other than the vague idea of home cooking is better for my body than eating out three or more times a week, even though I’m sure the recipes I make aren’t the healthiest. In  spite of resisting learning to cook for years, I’ve actually found myself kinda enjoying it. As for working out, if I get to it three times a week, that’s a good week. That’s an area I’ve been slacking in for the past month or so honestly, so I’m looking to get back at it in May.

Four. Makeup

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on here before, but last fall/winter,  I started to get really into makeup and skincare as a self-care thing, building off a casual interest since I graduated college. And while I definitely overbought in a short amount of time and have cut back to use up my stockpile, it’s still something that’s fun and relaxing for me. I also enjoy living vicariously through Beauty gurus, since I’m trying to limit my spending as much as possible in this area. My favorites are thataylaa and Cassie.

Five. Home Decor

Confession: I was never really into decorating growing up. Even going off to school, I wasn’t really interested in decorating my dorm room. I just picked things I liked and went with it. Which led to a teary conversation the summer I moved into my first apartment with my then-boyfriend-now-husband about how I hated how bare everything was and how I just didn’t know what to do. While that is no longer the case, I have recently developed some interest in home decor, if only out of necessity. The problem is I’m picky about what I bring into my house for aesthetics. I want to absolutely love it, and if I don’t, I’m hesitant to buy it. And of course, the more I have to pay for it, the more I have to love it. However, more recently I’ve gotten into a few home DIY blogs that have inspired me more than Pinterest ever could (I swear home decor Pinterest is the worst; it’s all the same). They are Young House Love and Chris Loves Julia. (They both also have podcasts!) YHL has a ton of great DIY information for any type of project you can imagine whereas Chris Loves Julia is closer to my style.

Honestly, this was kinda a fun post to write. Something different and really made me reflect on how I’ve spent the past few months.  Would you guys be interested in seeing posts like this in the future or posts about these topics? Let me know in the comments.



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