Let’s Talk: Update + Why I Haven’t Been Reading as Much

Hey everyone!

Generally, when I don’t get a post up in a certain amount of time, I try not to address it because then I would constantly be addressing missing a week or two. However, since I missed a month, which is the longest I’ve gone without a post in nearly six months, I figured y’all were owed an update. While I did get a post up last month, that was something I’d been sitting on for awhile.

Basically, I was tapped creatively and not reading. Or I was reading but the reading was slow going. I was getting tired of my Motivated Monday posts, and though I intend to keep that feature in some fashion, I definitely will not be doing them every week. For one thing, it’s hard to come up with new and interesting goals every week. So a lot of my goals ended up being the same from week to week. Secondly, I felt like I had to be doing something every night to feel like I was making progress. I’m someone who requires a lot of relax and recharge time to feel at my best so working a full day and then attempting to do all the things before going back to work the next day was not working for me.

I also fell into a major reading slump around New Year’s and while I did finish some books during January and February, I wasn’t reading at my regular rate. I talk about reading slumps and if they’re actually real in this post, but regardless of my feelings on them, I have definitely been in one since the start of the new year. And while I think I may be coming out of it now, this may be the new normal for me.

I’ve also been busy devoting reading time to other hobbies. I saw my friends in February, I went to to St. Louis twice in March (once to play in a Pokemon tournament, once to try on bridesmaids dresses). And while I had fun at both those things, that took a lot of energy that I would normally spend writing blog posts and reading. Also, for the Pokemon tournament, there’s a lot of prep work that goes into it in terms of testing, team building, and actually getting the team on cart that can take up a lot of free time. I also started writing creatively again, so some of my writing energy goes to that as well.

So you may be asking, Where do we go from here? I’m not sure what the answer is honestly.  I am still behind on my reading goals for the year, and I don’t know if I will be catching up anytime soon. That being said, I do have some post ideas both related and unrelated to books. But I still don’t honestly know when my next post will go up after this.

So far 2017 has mostly been about taking care of myself. I’ve tried to eat better and workout consistently. (I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m making an effort.) I’m trying to save money for the future and narrow my focus in my free time to do the things that are most important to me. I’m trying to pare down a lot of physical stuff in my house. This has also included me withdrawing from some things that just aren’t a priority at this moment. As much as I love blogging, I haven’t been making it a priority. And that’s something I want to fix.

That said, are there any types of posts you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments.


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