Let’s Talk: Reading Slumps

Hey everyone!

Today, I am going to more of a discussion posts about reading slumps, a topic I have seen discussed before in the vast bookternet (bookish internet) several times. I would say  that I am currently in a reading slump, even though I have been reading. And I don’t really have a “how-to” in order to get our of it- just want to share my experience.

I can’t pinpoint exactly how I fell into this reading slump but I can hypothesize. I finished my last book of 2016 the 27th and then became super sick at the end of that week. Though I went from super sick to not as sick relatively quickly,  I still didn’t have a lot of energy to devote to reading. I was mostly focused on getting better. After that I guess I just got busy, I watched a lot more Netflix than I normally do; I played a lot of Sudoku to put my mind at rest. I played more Pokemon. And even though, I had books I wanted to read and I love to read, I was not reading in my day to day life and wasn’t super interested in doing so.

I don’t necessarily judge this as a bad thing- I don’t begrudge people in my life who don’t read as much as I do or read at all. I don’t even think I correlate my value as a person to how much I read. It just doesn’t feel like me not to be reading. So I don’t know why I am letting it bother me that I have yet to finish a book this year.

I also have made a personal challenge to read outside my comfort zone more this year- more nonfiction and less young adult fiction. I want to broaden my reading horizons. But I’m wondering if the books I’m reading aren’t grabbing me is because I’ve become accustomed to the ways young adult books connect with the reader versus how adult nonfiction connects with the reader. Because even if I’m interested in the subject, I’m not really connecting with the book the way I normally do.

And yet I find myself also asking the question, “Are reading slumps even real?” Like, I am not a reading machine. I don’t have a quota I have to get to in books every month. Nothing terrible will happen if I don’t read. And with other hobbies, I don’t say I’m in a slump when I am not devoting time to that hobby. So I should I be feeling guilty for not reading? But at the same time, also feel guilty for not spending time on my other hobbies? Maybe it’s just burnout and I need this short break to recoup before I get back at it.

I have a “gameplan” of sorts as to how to get back into reading. I just got a hold in from my library I am really, really excited about reading. So I’m hoping that will spiral me into reading again and that after finishing it, I will be inspired to pick up more books.

So I ask you, readers, do you experience reading slumps? Do you think they are thing people should feel guilty about?


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