Motivated Tuesday

Hey everyone!

This is a series Kelli at Currently Kelli does on her blog and I have always really enjoyed it. I’m big into goal setting and enjoy the grading aspect of it. So I figured I would give it a shot and see how it goes. Normally these types of posts go up on Monday, but since my 2016 Bookish Resolutions finally went up yesterday, I figured this one could go up today. Plus, yesterday was a banking holiday so today feels like a Monday anyway.

I didn’t set any specific goals for last week so I don’t have anything to check in on this week. So we will go ahead and dive into this week’s goals.

Goal 1: Continue working out at least three times a week

I’ve always wanted to exercise but I have weird anxiety about going to the gym. I get really stressed about it and just won’t go when it’s convenient for me out of the fear that other people will be there. So working out at home has always been the go-to for me. Anyway, I was in a group chat talking about exercising and such when someone suggested Blogilates to me. Her workouts are the perfect length for me, and I feel good about doing them. I want to maintain working out about three times a week. Ideally, it would be every day but I recognize that won’t work for me. I think three times a week is feasible, especially since I already worked out on Monday.

Goal 2: Get out of my reading slump

I have conflicting feelings on the idea of reading slumps in general but I haven’t really read anything since before the new year. I’ve picked up things, even liked and made decent headway in things. But nothing is really grabbing my attention. There’s a readathon this weekend and I’d really like to participate as much as I can. So I’m hoping it will help me to kick this reading slump I’m in. It’d be even better if this happened before the readathon, but I won’t hold my breath.

Goal 3: Set a schedule and establish a routine.

I am someone who finds routines comforting. However, I have difficulty keeping a self-imposed schedule. But I feel I need one in order to accomplish my goals, especially when it comes to blogging and writing (I want to write more this year). So far I’ve been trying to make sure I keep up with things around the house every day to maintain a cleaning routine, which I have kept up with reasonably well. I just need to set up writing time during the week as well, in addition to waking up earlier so I don’t feel so rushed in the morning.

Goal 4: Play around with new eyeshadow palette.

Over the weekend, I bought an eye shadow palette I’ve had my eye on for forever. It was over half off at Target! It’s the L’Oreal La Palette Noir and I am honestly not sure why it was on sale but I jumped at the chance. It has a lot of blue and silver shades and some smoky shades as well. It’s  never much outside my comfort zone- I’ve been playing around beige and brown shades for awhile and a few rosier shades too. So this week, I want to play around with some of the safer shades while I’m at work and maybe some of the bolder shades on the weekend. I am also on the hunt for tutorials, so if you know of any good ones send them my way, preferably with the palette but any silver, blue, and smoky shades will do.

Goal 5: Mull over paint color.

My husband and I went to pick out paint colors today and I am so excited to begin making improvements on the house. The kitchen paint color has been a touchy subject (he wants something darker and bolder, I want something lighter and more neutral) but we are slowly coming to a compromise. I think I have pretty much settle on a color but I want to mull it over a little while longer before committing, especially since we might be painting the dining room and part of the hallway that color too.

This is a bit of a goal heavy week for me, but I’ve been trying to focus on actively spending my time working towards what I want to accomplish, rather than just passively spending time on my phone. Plus, not all of these are active goals; some like 2 and 5 are more passive and some like 3 can easily be incorporated into my already established routine.

What are some of your goals for this week? Let me know in the comments.


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