Top Ten Tuesday: Movies I Need to See

Hey everyone!

It’s Tuesday, which mean it’s Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday, as always is brought to us by The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is a movie freebie- meaning it can be anything to do with movies. Now I’m gonna share a secret with you all- I am not a big movie watcher. It’s weird. i can sit down and watch a tv show for two to three hours no problem but something about sitting down to watch a movie does not appeal to me. My husband and his entire family for that matter love to watch movies. He is shocked on a regular basis that there are movies I haven’t seen and works endlessly to catch me up. So this is a list of movies I haven’t seen that I am fairly confident everyone else in the United States has. I don’t really have a lot to say about why  I haven’t seen these movies, except that I just haven’t, so this will be a shorter post than usual. Also, this is by no means a complete list, just ones that naturally come to mind.

1. Pulp Fiction

2. Good Will Hunting

3. Field of Dreams

4. Jaws

5. Independence Day

6. Little Rascals 

7. Ghostbusters

8. Any of the National Lampoon movies

9. Ace Ventura 

10. The Godfather movies

So the secret’s out! I have not seen any of these movies! Shocking right? I’m sure that there are more that I simply can’t think of, possibly movies that it is even more scandalous I have not seen them.

That being said, what movies on this list should I prioritize? Or what movies not on this list should I have seen by now? Let me know in the comments. 

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