2016 Goal Check-in

Hey everyone! So it’s been 6 months since the beginning of 2016, so it’s time for a check in on my goals for the year. I didn’t set too many goals this year, as I was struggling to come up with ones I felt I could actually achieve without overwhelming myself.

Goal One: Find A New Job

I’ve completed this one! I started my new job in March. I’ve talked a little bit about on here and a lot of Twitter and while I don’t love it every day or even most days, I do overall like it and it’s certainly better than where I was.I’m still somewhat surveying my options out there but I’m not actively job hunting. I’ll probably stay here a little bit until I have a better sense of what I’m looking for in a job. Right now, this has the steady hours I need with the PTO I need as well.

Goal Two: Compete in Kansas City Regionals (or just get better overall at competitive Pokemon)

This one just makes me laugh now. I sadly could not attend KC Regionals because I had to work that day and I didn’t know it was a two day event soon enough for me to ask off. I am, however, going to Pokemon Nationals is July, so I am happy I will get the experience of competing at a bigger event. I did go to a local Midseason Showdown that only had about 20 people turnout so it was more the size of Premier Challenge. I also decided that I was really just not a fan of local events overall. People are nice enough but I really just feel awkward being there since everyone seems to know each other. So I’m thinking my goal from here on out is to worry less about local events and instead focus more on online competitions and bigger events.

Goal Three: Read 30 books

This is one I’ve actually been able to keep up with fairly well. I was behind earlier this year because the first couple books I read were massive and I was working to finish a series. After a small break after that, I gradually began picking up steam again to when I went on my trip to Richmond and started reading a newer book by one of my favorite authors. From there, I started to gradually read more and more until May when I read so much I ended up catching up to be on track to read 30 books this year. This past month has been a bit more of a challenge simply because of real life getting in the way all the time plus preparing for Pokemon Nationals detracts from my reading time. I’m also devoting my time between three different books right now so that is slowly my progress as well.

Those were my goals for 2016, other than my vague ones such as eat better, or get healthy. I’d say so far so good, even if I didn’t get to Kansas City Regionals. I’m confident though my broader goal of getting better at competitive Pokemon will be achieved as will all of my other goals.

What were some of your 2016 goals? How are they working out? Let me know in the comments. 

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