Bookworm Delights

toptentuesday2Hey everyone! It’s Tuesday, which means it’s a Top Ten Tuesday! Today’s topic is Bookworm Delights, i.e. bookish things that make you happy. This topic originally confounded me, until I saw the post that inspired it and a light bulb went off.

Browsing a used book shop. 

I love book shopping, but I cannot afford to buy new books all the time. While I wish Kansas City had more local independent book shops for events/purchasing, I love my local Half-Priced Books. It’s my favorite of the book shops. We have two, and they are both fantastic. I love going to the clearance section and finding books I’ve been wanting to read. Or even just in the nonclearance section because all of the books at HPB are a good deal. It was my secret weapon for much of my college career when buying books I needed for my literature classes. I have to give myself limits as to how often I go though because my book collection is overwhelming.

Finding someone who has similar book tastes (in real life or online) 

I am lucky to have a lot of people in my life who like to read, including both my parents and my husband. However, while we have some tastes that match up, others diverge completely. That is why I am thankfully the internet exists. It allows me to find people who have similar tastes in genres people in my life don’t read- like contemporary ya and literary fiction. I love finding new books to read and since the wonderful people in my life don’t read all the things I do, it’s nice to turn to the internet to get book recommendations.

Being excited to get home from work to keep reading a good book. 

This is something that’s been happening to me more recently. I’ll be at work, and all I can think about is how I want to get home and finish my book. While oftentimes, that doesn’t really happen because life, it’s still a great feeling to look forward to getting back into the story of the book you’re reading.

Great endings

My husband is of the opinion that endings make the book. If I ask him how a book is going or what he thinks so far, he tells me he won’t know until the end because the end can make or break a book. While the ending isn’t as do or die for me, a great ending is always appreciated versus a book that just ends. One book I read recently that kinda lagged in the middle had an exceptional ending and it completely turned it around for me. Plus, I love when a book feels finished. Sometimes, a book ends and you’re still wondering what the characters are going to do. While series obviously have plots that extend beyond one book, something that bothers me is when a book is full of exposition and when you finally get to the meat of the series, it’s the end of the first book. The odd thing is, I usually don’t mind cliffhangers, especially if they’re done well.

Getting books in the mail. 

I don’t really order too many books online anymore, but there is nothing quite like book mail. This past winter, I ordered Book Riot’s Best of 2015 box and it was totally worth it. I honestly wish I could order every box from them but I would go broke. Even when I ordered books for school, it was still exciting to get them in the mail.

Going to the library and picking up a book you’ve never heard of.

This happens less now since I spend so much time on the internet, but it still happens occasionally. A lot of time when I go to the library, I pick up books I’ve heard about and been wanting to read. But occasionally, I will find a book I have never heard of and pick it up. It’s shrouded in mystery. When I end up loving it and discovering a hidden gem, it’s even better!

Rainy reading days. 

These days are few and far between now because of life, but back when I had infinitely more reading time, there was nothing I would love more on a rainy day than to curl up someplace cozy with a book and a cup of coffee and read the day away. I sometimes still get to have an evening or a couple hours where I just get to read, but the rain is what seals the deal for me.

Buying books for other people. 

Confession: I really enjoy buying gifts for other people most of the time. Sure, at times like Christmas it’s stressful just because of the sheer amount and the time constraints, but I love finding the perfect gifts for people, if I can. There’s something exciting about finding something for someone you think they will like. While I’m no expert gift-giver by any stretch of the imagination, it’s still fun to pick out something for someone else.

That moment when the title makes sense. 

I read this as I was searching for inspiration, and at first, I thought that was a weird thing to be excited about until I realized I do the same thing. Titles are important and for me they need to make sense with the book. Also, series names need to make an equal amount of sense.

Dissecting a book to pieces. 

This is for the English major that lives inside me. While I didn’t love everything I read, I loved picking it apart. I know some people think that sucks the fun out of reading, which is fine. But for me, it’s fun to figure out what makes a book work and what doesn’t.

Those are some of my favorite bookish feelings! What are yours? Let me know in the comments.






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