Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish People to Follow


Hey everyone! I haven’t done one of The Broke and the Bookish ‘s Top Ten Tuesdays in awhile and when I saw this week’s topic, it was too fun not to do. I love finding new content creators on the internet and when they love books, even better!

I use the word “bookish” very loosely here. Because my interests extend outside of books, a lot of bookish people I follow also post about other things. If someone posts about books at all consistently, they are bookish in my mind.  Also, I didn’t limit myself to one platform; a lot of the people on my list are bloggers, some are YouTubers, some are both. The link I give is where I follow them the most.

Let’s get started!

One. Jamie at the Perpetual Page Turner

Jamie is one of my absolute favorite book bloggers. Hands down, no questions asked. She writes like she’s talking to her friends, and we have some common tastes when it comes to books. She is so genuine, and I really appreciate that. She also does posts about her TV obsessions and some personal posts, but she primarily focuses on books. If you like reading YA, I would highly recommend you check out her blog.

Two. Carly at the College Prepster

Carly is one of the few bigger blogs I follow and really enjoy. She primarily posts about fashion and does lifestyle genre posts. I love her style, which is why I initially followed her many years ago. But when I found out she was a reader, it made me like her even more. Her reading taste is more contemporary adult fiction (adult here meaning not YA, as opposed to something with ‘mature content). She does occasionally delve into contemporary YA, however. She’s introduced to a lot of books I want to read that I would never consider otherwise.

Three. Jenna at Simply Just Jenna

Jenna is one of the newer bloggers I follow. Originally a natural beauty blog, she has rebranded this past year and expanded into other topics to include books. While she doesn’t have that many book reviews yet, her reviews are really well written. She gives you a sense of what the book is about and also articulates her opinion on the book really well. Her product reviews and music posts are also really good too.

Four. Amanda Nelson at Book Riot

I’ll be honest, all of the ladies at Book Riot are awesome. But I have a special place in my heart for Amanda, the contributing editor. She is my favorite, no doubt about it. I like her snark and her style and admire her reading tastes. Her posts on Book Riot are excellent of course, but I highly recommend listening to her on the Get Booked! podcast and any time she appears on the main Book Riot podcast is great as well.

Five. Ashley Riordan at Climb the Stacks

Ashley is one of the few booktubers I follow who doesn’t do YA. Rather, she focuses on literary fiction, or “the classics” as they’re often referred to. I found this channel really helpful when I was in college because she talked about some of the books I was reading for classes and it helped me see some books in a new light. Overall, if you are looking for a channel that focuses more on book you’ve probably heard of but never read, or if you enjoy the classics like me, I would point you her way.

Six. Kristina Horner

Kristina is a vlogger I’ve been watching since she was on FiveAwesomeGirls way back in 2009? I wanna say. Well, after that ended, I ended up following a lot of them on their personal channels. She vlogs about a lot of different things-cosp;ay, makeup, fashion, her life, etc. But over the past year, she’s been doing more book videos that I have absolutely been loving it. She, and the other ladies on FiveAwesomeGirls, introduced me to one of my favorite authors when I was in high school and really was my first real foray into young adult fiction when it was first getting big. If you like nerdy stuff, I highly recommend her channel.

Seven. Kayley Hyde

Kayley is also from the FiveAwesomeGirls channel. I have also been watching her for several years. She understandably took some time off, and I am so happy she has been back for a year now. Like Kristina, she does a variety of videos. She does book reviews and really interesting videos about waste and sustainability. I also really like the way she talks about things. She definitely is able to think critically and I really appreciate that.

Eight. Cassidy at CassJayTuck

Cassidy is someone else I found a couple years ago. She reads YA, like me and I love her enthusiasm for what she likes and the way she talks about what she doesn’t. She also does trailer reactions, which are pretty fun to watch. She also really likes the Percy Jackson series and I honestly haven’t found too many people that do. She’s also an English major, so you know she’s cool.

Nine. Sanne at BooksandQuills.

Sanne is also someone I’ve been following for a few years. She’s originally from the Netherlands and moved to London a few years ago. She does your usual book videos, book reviews and hauls, but she also does really interesting videos about what it’s like to be in your 20s and travel videos. Overall, she’s a really interesting person and I highly recommend her channel.

Ten. The People at Broke and Bookish

Of course, how could I not mention the blog from which Top Ten Tuesday originates?

What are some of your favorite bookish people? Let me know in the comments. 

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