Winter Favorites

Seize the Day

Hey everyone!

I put off doing my January favorites for too long and now we’re halfway through February. I never did a December favorites. And even though there’s still a bit of winter left (even though it doesn’t feel like it now), I feel the appropriate title would be just winter favorites.

Favorite Book: All Fall Down by Ally Carter 

My favorite book this winter has been All Fall Down by Ally Carter.This is actually one of my favorite books of 2015. It’s about the granddaughter of a U.S. Ambassador in a fictitious foreign country. It’s kinda a political thriller but not completely since she is on the outskirts of the political drama. There’s also a mystery involved because she’s not sure what happened to her mom.  It’s one of those books that’s hard to explain but really good. And it’s a series! The second one is out now and is sitting on my TBR shelf.

Favorite TV Series: Leverage

I probably started watching this show in November? My husband was watching it first, and even though I wasn’t super interested, I kinda just started watching it with him to spend time together. Then I got emotionally invested in the characters and it was all over for me. Now even though we’ve finished the series, I’ve been gradually rewatching it to see all the episodes I missed before. That show is Leverage. It’s kinda like a Robin Hood  show. The basically take from the rich and powerful and give to those who have been wronged by them. It’s a five person crew and you kinda to get to know the backgrounds of each person. Overall, if you like shows like Psych or Burn Notice or any of those intense crime show dramas, you’ll probably like this.

Favorite Makeup Product: CoverGirl TruNaked Nudes Pallet 

Even though this season is the season I finally learned to use eyeliner and not look totally weird, I have to admit my favorite makeup product is a makeup pallet. The CoverGirl TruNaked Nudes Pallet. I got the Roses as well but it doesn’t mesh as well with my skin tone plus my cat broke it two weeks after I bought it. I had been using the Maybelline Nudes pallet for the past year, and it really just started to fade out on me about 3 months after I started using it, the shadows have been falling out for awhile, I’ve run out of the  and basically it’s just a piece of garbage now. I’d been on the hunt for a new eye shadow pallet since the Maybelline one started to crap out on me. And it’s been difficult to find a good drugstore eye shadow pallet. That is, until the Cover Girl pallets came out and I started to hear about how great they are. So when I finally found them in stores and picked one up, and while they were not as hype as they had been described, they’ll still work for me.

Favorite Skin Care Product: Micellar Water

For this one, I don’t have a specific brand, rather it’s a type of product. I remember hearing about micellar water as a makeup remover/cleanser forever ago. But since I didn’t work at the time and they only one I had heard have was a luxury brand, I just put it out of my mind for the time being. Flash forward to a couple months ago, when I found out Garnier was coming out with a micellar water. I really wanted to try it, so I scoured the various stores in my area. While I initially didn’t find that one, I did find the Simple brand version. I tried it and absolutely loved it. So after I finished my bottle, I did finally purchase the Garnier version. While I think I like the Simple version better (the Garnier leaves a weird sheen on my skin after I’m done to where I feel like I need to blot it out or wash it off) but overall, I have noticed my skin looking a lot better than it did before. Whether that’s the product or something else, I don’t know.

Favorite Coffee Drink: Latte Macchiato

Is it weird to have a favorite coffee drink? Not for me! I’ll admit, coffee is 95% of the reason I get up in the morning, it gets me through my work day, and overall just gives me life. While my favorite holiday drink always will be the Peppermint Mocha, eventually the Peppermint Mocha goes away. Which is where the Latte Macchiato came into my life. I didn’t count, but I’m fairly confident I ordered this drink more than anything else in the month of January. As far as the taste, it’s not the typical sweet taste I gravitate towards in my fancy coffee. Rather it’s more of a coffee taste, with a hint of milk. Overall, I really like the taste overall and would recommend it if you want something outside of the usual sweet lattes.

Favorite Video game: Pokemon Platinum

This is an oldie but a goodie. This game came out in 2009, which may beg the question, “Fiona, why are you talking about an old game? Shouldn’t you be talking about new games? Duh!” Well, I’m glad you asked. I was really into this game when it originally came out but then as new games came out, this one fell by the wayside for me. Well, I started watching Chuggaaconroy’s Let’s Play and after about 10 episodes, I was like, “Man, I miss playing this game.” So I dug out my copy and started playing it. I’ve been playing along with the let’s play. In spite of the slow speed, it’s still a really fun game and it has me a little excited for remakes (though I don’t want them for a really long time, please Pokemon.)

What are some of your favorites from this winter? Also, do you prefer seasonal favorites lists or monthly favorites list? Let me know in the comments!

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