On My Radar

Hey everyone!

This is another idea I’ve stolen from more successful bloggers. Carly at The College Prepster does one of these every week and I’ve noticed Kallie at But First Coffee start doing these too. I love these kind of posts. They expose you to all kind of new things you may not have seen. However, this has been a really slow week for me news-wise, so I don’t have that much to share.

One. The #Pokemon20 Super Bowl ad

When I first heard Pokemon would have a Super Bowl ad, I was a little surprised but had minimal expectations. I liked that was a global focus and inspirational. By the end of it, I feel all the things, and I can’t wait to see it during the game.

Two. Detective Pikachu

The video link is to JWittz’s video on this news. Basically, there’s a Pokemon game coming out that stars Pikachu as your sidekick as a detective. It has sort of a Phoenix Wright feel, which I adore. No word if this game is coming to the U.S. but I hope it does, even though it’s not Pokemon Z.

Three. KC Library Parking Garage- 2nd most bookish place on earth.

This is a little older, but I saw on this list that the parking garage of the Kansas City Public Library was the second most bookish place on earth. On the bright side, the author didn’t think it was the library, which is a common misconception. But it is seriously cool to see Kansas City get some more spotlight. And the library itself is pretty cool.

That’s pretty much it for me this week. Kinda slow week for me. Didn’t really run across a lot of really good articles or anything.

What are some of your favorite links and stuff from this week? Let me know in the comments!

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