Some of My Faves: Beauty YouTube Channels

Hey everyone! Today I’m starting a new series of posts called “Some of My Favs.” In this series, I’ll share a few of my favorite whatever, whether it’s Youtube Channels, books, Pokemon, makeup products, what have you. Today, we’ll be covering a few of my favorite beauty YouTube channels.

One. Cassie at Thrift Thick.

There are very few channels that I want to watch the video the second it goes up. Cassie’s channel is one of those. I’ve found some of my favorite products from her reviews. She mostly reviews drugstore with some high end products. Her reviews are always so honest and she’s very personable. Some of my favorite videos of her are First Impressions where she tests out a new product and takes you with her in her day and her Best and Worst of Beauty videos, which are kind of like monthly favorites but ranked.

Two. Kallie at But First, Coffee.

How could I not love this channel? It has coffee in the title. Kallie also mostly reviews drugstore makeup (this is a theme with me-I’m broke) But she does Battle videos that I find really cool. She takes the same product from different brands (like mascara) and tests all of them out and picks a winner. These are good because you can compare across brands without having to invest in all of the different products. Other than her battle videos, her hacks and fashion videos are also really excellent.

Three. Tracy and Stefanie at EleventhGorgeous.

These sisters (not twins) are adorable. They do a lot of drugstore hauls as well, but they also try out weird products (like a brush that straightens your hair.) I’ve been subscribed to them for awhile, but I started really watching them regularly when they did their Vlogmas videos on their vlog channel (TeeandEss). Overall, they are just very fun and positive in their videos.

Those are some of my favorite beauty YouTube channels. What are some of yours? Let me know in the comments. 

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