So for those Pokemon fans who live under a rock or don’t follow Pokemon news, there was a ton of Pokemon news for the twentieth anniversary, which is this year. New mystical Pokemon giveaways, new TCG sets, all kinds of new things. Even though I’m sure you’ve heard all about it, I’m going to break down the news for you guys, give my thoughts on it, and postulate potential other news we might get this year. Since I missed the official release because I was at work, at of my information will be coming from the Pokemon20 website.

Special Edition New 3DS

Ugh I want it… This 3DS is available for preorder now. It has Red and Blue plates and comes with a download code (or something along those lines) for Pokemon Red and Blue, which is you didn’t know are coming to virtual console in February. This set releases February 27th. I keep trying to convince my husband this would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for me, but he has yet to concede and I can’t quite justify buying it for myself. Yet.

TCG Generations

As a casual TCG fan, this intrigues me. In fact, I’m not 100% sure on what it is. It sounds to me like it’s a new set that’s going to be released throughout the year. There’s also the Radiant Collection (which I assume will be really, really rare). These cards will have “cool art and interesting foil treatments.” They are also going to be available in TCG products throughout the year, including Mythical Pokemon collections and various other popular Pokemon like Charizard and Pikachu. Honestly, this is probably the bit of news I am least excited for, as I’m not a huge TCG fan but I will still probably pick up  a few packs. Apparently details are coming as to where to find these cards are to come.

Year of Mythical Pokemon

Not gonna lie, I think this part is the coolest. I have a few events from Gen IV and that’s pretty much the extent of it. Starting February, there’s a new mythical Pokemon distribution every month, going int National Pokedex order. The way they did these is also a little interesting-every third Pokemon is at Gamestop in the US starting with Mew. The rest are available on the Nintendo Network. I’m not sure why they did that other than to get their player base to go outside and interact with other people every three months? Anyway, I’m writing these all down in my planner because I missed the Hoopa event at McDonald’s because it was during the holidays because I forgot.

Possible other news

Of course, we have Pokken and Pokemon Go coming out this spring. (A March date was announced for Pokken; no date yet for Pokemon Go.) The latest Coro Coro said next month we would get an announcement that changed the world in regards to the movie. While I’m intrigued, I do think it’s probably over hyped. I know the topic on everyone’s mind is, “When is Pokemon Z coming out?” Now, I can’t claim to have the answer; all I can do is guess. I’m guessing a quarter 4 release (October-December) because XY and ORAS were released in that time period and both did reasonably well. But also, I just want to remind everyone that ORAS wasn’t announced until May of 2014 with a release of November. So we have plenty of time for a game announcement.

What were some of your favorite announcements from Pokemon20? What are some of your favorite Pokemon memories? Leave them in the comments! 

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