September Favorites

favoritesSo I’m really good at this posting every other week business. I really felt I had posted more this past month, but I guess not. Time just keeps flying by, and I think it’s only going to get worse as the end of the year approaches. Because I’ve been working so much, I feel like I’m not finding new favorites as much as I had previously. But I really love writing these types of posts, so maybe I’ll just challenge myself to find new things to enjoy in October.

Favorite Book Read: So I only read two books this month and one of them was a volume of the Pokemon manga so… I guess Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier. I read the first two books forever ago (I think it might of been the very end of my high school years or the beginning of my college years.) It’s a series about time travel and I’m a sucker for time travel stories. The last novel in the series is a little long but I still enjoyed, even if the ending is a little convoluted. I feel like I don’t have a lot to say about this book without ruining the entire series.

Favorite Makeup Product: So it was a really warm September or so it seemed. I was really ready for fall though, so I bought a dark lipstick. And because I’m broke, I bought an e.l.f. lipstick. I actually really like a lot of e.l.f. stuff, but I had never tried their lipsticks until my friend Sarah were talking about makeup and she told me they were really good. So naturally I went out and picked up one in Ravishing Rose for the season. It’s a good color on me; I can’t pull off too many dark lipsticks because I’m so pale. It goes on nicely and smells pretty good. Like, I’m not going to sit and smell my lipstick all day but it doesn’t nauseate me. It does fade, but all lipstick fades eventually. Such is life.

Favorite Video Game: I promise one day in a favorites post my favorite video game will not be a Pokemon game. But today is not that day. With all of the big news in the Pokemon community in regards to Zygarde and rumors of Pokemon Z (pretty much confirmed btw) I’ve been playing through Pokemon Y just for fun a little bit in the morning. I didn’t go in with a set team in mind so I’ve been juggling about 10 or so Pokemon for my team, which means my levels are all over the place. Which brings me to an idea I’ve been toying with. Would you guys be interested in blog updates of playthroughs of Pokemon games? I can’t promise anything amazing, but I thought it might be fun.

Favorite TV Show: My television watching game was a struggle this month. I caught up to my husband on Suits so I couldn’t’ watch that in my down time anymore. I struggled to find something for awhile until I found Awkward thanks to my friend Lexi. It’s absolutely hilarious! Now the weird thing about this show and me is if I watch too much of it at once I get sick of it. It’s like candy; I have to think of it as a treat. Overall, it’s a good show though.

Favorite Podcast: So when I first heard about this podcast, I wasn’t excessively interested in it. Then one day this past month, I decided I would listen to it and I quickly became obsessed. That podcast is Gilmore Guys. I’ve loved the show Gilmore Girls since I was 11 and it came to ABC Family, a channel I watched regularly at the time. I love the way the two guys (Kevin and Demi) discuss the show and the different perspectives they give. I’ve only made it through the first season so far, but I’m sure it just gets better and better.

What are some of your favorites for September? Let me know in the comments!

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