Tips for Completing the National PokeDex

IMG_1317As you may be able to guess from my tweets or my previous posts, I am a giant Pokemon nerd. I’ve been into it on and off ever since I was 7 and only recently learned to embrace it. I’ve played every game since the original Red and Blue and beaten the Elite 4 on every one, but I’ve never completed the National Pokedex before now, in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Completing the National Dex is no small feat, especially now that there are over 700 Pokemon now. Thankfully, since I have already done it, I will be sharing some of the things that helped me with completing it.

#1 Know what you have and what you need

This one is pretty simple. Know what Pokemon you have and what you still need. The in-game Pokedex is obviously fantastic for this. If you have blanks in the Pokedex (and you don’t have the order memorized), looking up who goes there on Serebii is always easy.

#2 Start small

Divide the whole Dex into the different regions. Start with your own regional dexs. For me, getting the Hoenn Dex done helped me with getting the other dexs done. So I finished the Hoenn Dex first. It would be the same if I were playing in X or Y, except that Dex is divided even further and will help even more. After completing the Hoenn Dex, I went through region by region, focusing on completing those Dexs.

#3 Play well with others

It’s dangerous to go alone! Make friends with fellow Pokemon fans, and they can help you out with those pesky trade evolutions. I used a chat on PokeAmino to help with getting a couple trade evolutions and when I was on the last legs of my National Dex, I had a Twitter friend trade me the Weavile I needed. Without that help, I would probably still be grinding in the Battle Maison for items.

#4 GTS yourself

So maybe you don’t have friends or they are busy and can’t trade Pokemon with you, no problem! If you are smart, speedy, and have access to Pokemon Bank, you can trade Pokemon with yourself. What you do is deposit a Pokemon on one cartridge then switch over to the other cartridge and trade Pokemon that way. Then once the traded Pokemon has evolved (if you’re doing a trade evolution, which I assume you are), you can transfer it over with Pokemon Bank. It takes a bit of concentration and dedication, which is why I saved any trading this way for the end as a last resort.

#5 Know its a commitment. 

I got serious about completing the National Dex around the time I finished school last May, which coincidentally is when the awesome RenaeCollects finished her National Dex. At the time, I had a modest amount completed. I didn’t complete it until the end of July. Mind you, I was busy with wedding stuff, work, and other life things for much of June and early July but regardless, know that it will take some time. But it will be worth it in the end.

Have you ever completed the National Dex in any Pokemon game? What are some of your tips? Let me know in the comments.

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