What I Read on My Honeymoon

Hey everyone!

For those of you who may not know, I got married last month to my best friend. As is tradition, we went on our honeymoon right after the wedding. Our destination was a very relaxing resort in Cancun. With the two of us being readers, we both took books with us. Here’s what I brought:

His Needs, Her Needs by William F. Harley, Jr.

This is the book our pastor recommended we read as a form pre-marriage counseling. We took turns reading it and talked about it as we went. It was okay; I found the first half a lot better than the second. Gave it a generous three star rating but I’m not sure I would recommend it to people getting married.

Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot

Apparently, this is a book I didn’t even know I wanted. I saw that it had been released and knew I had to pick it up to take on my trip. I loved the Princess Diaries series and couldn’t wait to see how it ended. And this book did not disappoint. It had me laughing out loud on my flight. My one complaint is that the ending felt just a little rushed. I can understand the reasoning behind it though. Great conclusion to the series. 4/5 stars.

A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway

Fact: I used to hate Ernest Hemingway until I read The Sun Also Rises. And then proceeded to write 15 pages on it. After watching one of ClimbtheStacks videos, in which she recommended A Moveable Feast as a place to start with Hemingway, I figured it would be a logical jump. And I enjoyed this one. The style took a bit of getting used to since I had just read the Princess Diaries book. I don’t know if I’l necessarily continue to move through Hemingway’s works. Maybe eventually. 4/5 stars

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Y’know what’s amazing about the Chicago airport? There’s tons of bookstores inside of it. Since my husband and I had such a long layover, I wanted to get a new book after I finished A Moveable Feast but since I was buying new, I wanted it to be something my husband would also enjoy. After careful deliberation, we settled on this one, something we’ve both been meaning to read forever. I’ve started it and haven’t made it that far since I’ve been back. It started kinda slow and was just starting to pick up when I had to put it down to work on other things.

And that’s what I read on my honeymoon. Have you taken any trips recently? What books did you take? Let me know in the comments.

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